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We have 25 years of experience in the computer industry, successfully servicing the greater Toronto area and Durham region.
We have strategic partnerships in place and an army of experts specializing in different disciplines ready to proactively respond and eliminate any problems.
We design, install, support and maintain major networks for the publishing, financial, non-profit, educational, manufacturing, automotive, health and insurance industries. Our team is fully trained and bring forth a wealth of knowledge from many sectors and different fields, therefore enabling a prompt resolution to ongoing needs, from troubleshooting to the preventative in routine operations.
Each solution is based on an in depth analysis of your specific technical and organizational requirements, whether they are full-fledged network installations or partial phase-ins.
From implementation through training and ongoing support, to our ability to provide live and one-on-one assistance to your personnel via tech support or an onsite visit, we are dedicated to enhancing your ability to use the systems effectively and delivering on our promise to empower your business through technology, by keeping IT costs down to minimum.
Our very affordable preventive maintenance plans ensure that client networks maintain constantly a high level of security and they are free of hardware and software “glitches” so that the flow of productivity remains uninterrupted. In return, this level of comfort grants the power to our clients to concentrate on their business and grow to their fullest potential
Only the courtesy and dedication we express to our clients, parallel the technical skills and experience of our people. Our average response time of two hours to a customer site has remained unchanged since we began operating. Diagnostic Network Technologies has built a solid reputation by providing companies with a second-to-none combination of quality, reliability, honesty and exceptional service and support.
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