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Diagnosis (from ancient Greek διάγνωσις = discernment) is the identification of the nature and cause of anything. Diagnosis is used in many different disciplines with variations in the use of logics, analytics, and experience to determine the cause and effect relationships. In systems engineering and computer science, diagnosis is typically used to determine the causes of symptoms, mitigations for problems, and solutions to issues.
Diagnostic Network Technologies was founded in 1989, by Frank and Pauline Wiseman. Frank, a British gentleman, started his career as a Service Manager in Great Britain working directly with the Royal Palace and big corporations. When immigrating to Canada,  Frank started working as a professor, utilizing his experience with mainframes and microcomputer technologies.
Pauline, having a background in Sales and Management, became the heart and soul of DNT, overseeing the day to day operations and sales for the company.
In 1996, Frank hired Leo Stefanidis, a student of his to the position of Network Engineer to work on the front lines of support for the company’s clients.  Not long after joining Diagnostic, Leo climbed the ladder and promoted to the position of Senior Network Engineer and not long after that to the position of Vice President of Operations. In the next few years the company expanded to new areas and in addition to the traditional services offered, new technologies and product lines were adapted making the company a leader in the area of networking.
In 2000 Leo was offered a partnership in the company and at that point Leo and Pauline decided to change the name from Diagnostic Computer Services, to Diagnostic Network Technologies as the new name described better the core of the business because the company was already far away from the usual break and fix model.
In 2003 the Wiseman’s decided to retire and enjoy life as they were still very young. Leo purchased their shares and at the helm of the company as the new President and CIO drove the company for one more time to new technological frontiers.
Diagnostic Network Technologies has a diverse client base from insurance companies, to car dealerships, financial institutions, publishing houses, manufacturing, non profitable and government.
Utilizing the understanding of the individualities of each industry, and ability to relate complicated technical matters to non-IT people, the company has grown as a solid and trusted  provider of a wide variety of IT services to small and medium sized companies.
Diagnostic Network Technologies provides it’s clients with simple and cost-effective IT solutions, using old fashioned common sense with modern technology.
Diagnostic Network Technologies have been providing IT Services to Toronto and the GTA for the last 25 years.
We strongly believe that who we are is what we do, and what we do is who we are.
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