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Managed Services

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is the proactive remote monitoring and management of a computer network which ensures optimal network performance, minimizes unscheduled downtime, and maximizes IT productivity  – all at a predictable monthly cost.


We have all dealt with IT issues. It is especially frustrating when these problems cause you to become unable to focus on the important things, like growing your business.
With Managed Services, Diagnostic Network Technologies is able to monitor your network on a 24×7 basis.
Network and service components that are commonly monitored to ensure around the clock operation and availability include hardware, mail, critical software applications, security systems, data backup, and telephony systems.
Our remote management software includes functions such as anti-virus with hourly protection updates, server and desktop operating system patch management, hourly hardware and software health checks and many other network maintenance tasks.
Proactive Managed Services is complemented by technicians employed by Diagnostic Network Technologies, who are able to immediately address issues your users face throughout the day and eliminate them.
Additionally, Managed Services support models remove the need, for the most part, of onsite maintenance visits which result in significant cost savings for your organization.
By being able to monitor a computer network 24×7, Diagnostic Network Technologies is able to better identify trends which will require proactive action before a problem occurs.
For example, capacity issues relating to a server hard drive can be identified, then an action to address these issues can be planned rather than reacted upon in an emergency.
As a final service, regular reporting is a key component of Diagnostic Network Technologies’ Managed Services.
Managed Services reports are generated weekly and monthly and complemented by periodic executive business reviews.
Diagnostic Network Technologies Managed Services can help your organization and help streamline your IT expenses.
For more details, please contact our Managed Services team.