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Haas Hardware as a Service

One of the most significant costs for small businesses, especially in the startup phase, is the cost of IT equipment. Essential hardware like servers, workstations and printers require a substantial upfront investment and the expense of ongoing maintenance. Many small businesses are shocked to find that they have not properly budgeted for the hardware on which their day-to-day operations rely.That is why the Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model has become so popular. Rather than purchasing hardware outright, or leasing it from a provider, essential technologies are provided by an IT provider for a monthly fee. Small businesses get all the functionality they need, but at a more manageable and predictable cost.
The HaaS model has shown itself to be an ideal IT strategy for small businesses that need to carefully manage their resources.

Benefits of Using HaaS

Cost Savings. Many small businesses turn to HaaS because it provides a number of opportunities to save money. Rather than paying the high cost of buying hardware, it can be rented for a monthly fee. That provides a more fixed-cost structure that is easy to budget for. It also allows businesses to add or subtract hardware from their IT infrastructure without having to make a long term investment in it.
Smaller Staff. When you use a HaaS model, all the maintenance, security and updates that your hardware requires are handled by Diagnostic Network Technologies. That means that you do not need to maintain an in-house IT support staff. That saves you even more money and helps you to run a lean and efficient operation.
Expert Support. Unlike with leasing hardware, with a HaaS model the IT support is included. With automatic maintenance you know your hardware is set up to run as smoothly as possible. All the latest patches have been installed, the virus protections have been updated and the system as a whole is being monitored by an expert at all times. This level of support is hard to find, even if you have an IT staff inside your company.
HaaS has a lot of benefits to offer, and many small businesses wonder why they ever bought their own hardware once they sign up for service. We can walk you through all the details, help you select the right package of hardware and get your company set up quickly and effectively.
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